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Update comment

URL: /api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}/comments/{comment}

Method: PUT (POST)

PUT (POST) data fields:

Comment-encrypted data fields:


Example request in python:

import requests, json
from sjcl import SJCL

comment_encrypted = SJCL().encrypt(
    "author": "Cryptedblog-Team", 
    "content": "Just a test comment! Click [here]( to go to the main page. This comment was updated.", 

response = requests.put(
        "comment-encrypted": comment_encrypted,
        "write-id": "7e5f3ce982194fff914029dbab29fa70",
        "password": "BadPassword", # optional comment password
data = response.json()
print(json.dumps(data, indent=4, sort_keys=True))

The output looks like the following:

    "data": {
        "comment": 5737664527466496, 
        "comment-url": "/api/blog/v1.0/blog/test-blog/posts/5671831268753408/comments/5737664527466496"
    "success": true