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API Documentation

On this page and you will (hopefully) find anything you need to know to use our API.

The API is intented for:

API status

The API is currently in beta status. This means that there might occur breaking changes in the API’s design, e.g. renamed parameters or changed URLs. We will do our best to avoid this or keep it to a minimum.

API terms

Currently the API is intended only for private use. Api usage terms will be linked here in the future.

This is a free service so please try to not create too much blogs/posts/comments and traffic.

API overview

The API is based on REST principles and uses Json as data format. We have some example requests in Python (including the server response) which makes it easy to understand the api and its data structures. Beside this you can use nearly any HTTP client in your favorite programming language to communicate with the API.

HTTP methodactionHTTP return code on success
POSTCreates a new resource201 (created)
GETReads a resource200 (ok)
PUT (POST)Updates an existing resource200 (ok)

Addtionally to the HTTP return code the json response contains a boolean field "success" whose value is "true". If "success" is "false" a field "error" contains additional information as a string.
ATTENTION:The images are an exception. They are served via the google blobstore and do not contain a "success" field.

blog (url)methoddescription
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}POSTCreate new blog with blog-id={blog}.details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}GETGet details of blog with blog-id={blog}.details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}PUTUpdate blog with blog-id={blog}.details
post (url)methoddescription
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/postsPOSTCreate new post for {blog}. On success post-id is returned.details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/postsGETList posts of {blog}.details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}GETGet details of {post} belonging to {blog}.details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}PUT (POST)Update {post} belonging to {blog}.details
comment (url)methoddescription
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}/commentsPOSTCreate new comment for {post} (of {blog}). On success comment-id is returned.details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}/commentsGETList comment of {post} (of {blog}).details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}/comments/{comment}GETGet details of {comment} of {post} (belonging to {blog}).details
/api/blog/v1.0/blog/{blog}/posts/{post}/comments/{comment}PUT (POST)Update {comment} of {post} (belonging to {blog}).details
images (url)methoddescription
/api/blog/v1.0/images/{images}GETGet {images} data.details